Reviewr Applicant Training

Creating an Account

In this video we cover how to create a new account as an applicant and begin the submission process. We explore how to register, save and logout, and return back to the microsite.

Creating an Entry/Submission

So you’ve registered an account and now ready to create an entry – in this video we dive into filling out a submission form, saving and logging out, and common questions that may arise.

Submitting Additional Submissions

Want to submit additional applications In this tutorial we look at how to access the applicant portal after initially submitting and adding another submission.

Editing a Submission

If allowed by the program admin, applicants may access their profile and edit or modify their application. In this video we look at how to access your submission and enable edit mode.

Printing a Submission

As virtual as Reviewr is intended to be, there may be times where applicants would like to print (or save virtually) their entry. In this video we look at how to access a submission and print (or save).

Adding & Viewing Attachments

Attachments are an essential element of a profile submitted within Reviewr. Today we explore how to access a list of attachments as well as update or add additional file uploads to a profile.

Accessing Feedback and Results

Program permitting, some applicants may be offered the ability to access their profile and view feedback from the review committee. Feedback often ranges from written communication to fully shared evaluations and scores. In this video we look at where in an applicants profile this appears.

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