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Personal Tab





Here you’ll be able to see the Name, Email, and Address associated with this submission. 


You can also see the First Name, Last Name, Company Position, Email Address, and Phone Numbers of Editors on a submission. Editors are other collaborators that will have access to the submission. You can add additional editors and invite them to join your project.


To view the editor’s information, select JGoHdMQssFNkyzmwrUOQ aZcqIiEVpy8tC4GNPM fcmtXbcRrMLSyKdh2SWwEcU6SKXcwrzX8jPD5Gg27XqtqhHsGGDO4sSzYebknXA3U2rPBOG8 8wTPyU9dQ 4iWC57lhbRI5


View Editors


To edit the editor’s information, select U5l4erqcTD uXzXiHavBW 7Onuau5oh lLW7Vnf9F9ZQ6WUISf5mWGcV4iLmsAtnQ3zqPWfdOKFUrP3lyLftOceyCVMl1Dun8OP091STlD2zo8CUla8VDLQi5KSZuGrc2YFLHrDA


Edit Editor 1


Once all the changes have been made, select bpCRUklYHHyWZNedPjYheXuT11qX8kDWiSyEuWTuHmihDOmjodZFqD4jKzLZjaCgFMD5EuV22DS1nXrJ1Kh LcMHQPKH1anm8Tq80sQCHO7nPamkcVHU6lGgH KJV9ssr qtT6Je


You can add an editor by selecting IhEcm2CzD6vbcq4W7 fge3xAT 3jPus4tsV2U6MJEkhgLso0YofneUmzyDi8S2MVkiligC2VITD wGkmhs0uc5FBf8w2uCY3iIEczwVxAAnQKfx4oinu e6m5CTkBw jNdI79XFk


Add Submission Editor Competitor


Here you’ll have to fill in their First Name, Last Name, and Email. All other fields are optional. Once the required information has been entered, select sX0t8B4JlGIdaEsMvt86hnrG. This is best used when different members of a team need to fill out an application.


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