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Here you’ll be able to view all the attachments from a submission.


To view an attachment, select the lBBeoeVPxjUnYpfyVmJP6L8XJslstykQfvg5cbJfe3 ICvd5yOejHinouV next to the corresponding attachment.

Viewing a supported attachment will open the file below the table with the embedded document viewer.


To edit the attachment name or file/link, select the NMMaORY96qEf2CyNVm1qIxbgNOIiozMlTkvAZR7gPx0VH4invjXkBFq12j4sPJfeA1jBQArk7v1pqwaaf7ouK6ywh1mZLZEGG7wkM1YkpfVPBSisGmyi37LaIc Ygs Ohy4veAo2 next to the corresponding attachment


Edit Attachment Competitor


To download the attachment, select the qBa5K4eYHeTZpgkmGdds7Fiy6UFcrBEiNCFquvywQnr2Glva6FN4r0ECUDB3cPL9LlRUtOtAbrrbqFOS2AYBW9OluozcWUoQv2tSSfBycXZKcOvBpmuRTh3RduYTN38sXmQ1chNP next to the corresponding attachment


To delete the attachment, select the 1FRmx7goIPieorMhM8j0IjZxe0 FjYR8CS80jyViaddWbEalbAnHaO3Fu9BSCpIeaxF7l741tRwXhVA3nu3rw1MuJ7LJg8oSR0KxBgnext to the corresponding attachment


To upload another attachment, select qOK8Nd5Qgs17yHO7WpAcSd6ia2wZIoqoCrMasD6jPz4EosEHn3YBIGJ1nwzL1CerMUiwJ0bPWfBTqFZMm71Ym8iUK0rrFAuDVJ56Dtli NEqadk71JtUgyYV3dGwF4zSCATKcngl


Upload Attachment Competitor


Here you’ll need to fill in the File Name, Description, Choosing whether it’s an upload or a link, and then Upload a File. Once everything is filled in, select mRLPR36Cz 1vP8tZkIV fOC6E5kY4r1ge7zEd2QbiRj6e3eqjKnpiIJtFeObIdPLRq9F2JJFsoRXjj9 NI9yBnz66BM2iuaykuIDC6mt 7IZUBfUXF9kAduW29LkTfS1nDq1bvd


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