Applicant Portal – The Submission

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The Submission Details


This is where you’ll be able to view and edit your submission to an event. To get here, select the single sheet symbol (second option) on the left side navigation bar. In this view, you will be able to explore the content within your submission form in “view only”.


Competitor Submission




To edit a submission, select BVr6mivhe8Yeecsal0NS1jXsF XLHbi4DhRSeJ MTbxtnaF6Nrn74 N9k3dRji7xsAtR8WskMPRn4UTwqQZeBjOkd6AyP nxD.  This will open the submission editor and access edit permission to your entry. Navigate the form making appropriate edits as you would when you first created the submission. NOTE: The edit button will only be visible if your specific submission is granted edit privilege. If you are unable to edit, and believe you should, please contact the organization in which hosts the program you are participating in. For further guidance, please view the applicant FAQ’s on “Why  Cant I Edit My Submission”

Competitor Submission Edit


There are two ways to save a submission, by saving and logging out or by submitting.

  • To save and logout, select dRREBqwH2P. This button should be at the top of every page, but occasionally is moved else where within the page. If you are unable to find the save and logout button, contact Reviewr. 

  • To submit, locate the submit button (often located at the bottom of the last page of the submission. Once found, select 7YnBZI3DoRm0vV uXe4aL5w8Y6wusSosXT8Qf9gyinW osSykDqTxdbfEIQEdk9IO2RKxxzoD8Gf3pNd Xv8n Agq PdKdcJGOC9FQBJ KF8I7nPyxQ.


To go back, select 1QFfii3580eQFeUbD29Kbw nsR8elVtcpqbIs9kUQr8qOT6Y6o6OcOce

To print your submission, select mzhpI9uIZyE9cZ36FiRVCa Ph pVrqBnumbR1HSKcEB5tsL1q9n7bWv7TSMy r2r29AJxqmRCqH1Wpz4XjvVp2XIjERa6riDYbqkFCQLDFy6cKaqOiE0j80nyydTjVE HId gmYF.

If you have multiple submissions please use the icon on the left that says “My Submissions”. Here you will be presented with a menu to select a specific submission you wish to open.



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