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Reviewr is a cloud-based awards management software used to collect, manage, and review award nominations. We're here to help you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making an impact.

More than software. It's an experience

Why choose Reviewr.

What if we said we’ve walked a mile in your shoes? Reviewr's Award Management Software was built from first hand experience and in collaboration with industry leaders in awards and recognition programs. It’s about the proven recipe tested and formulated by 250,000+ submissions and 600,000+ evaluations. Reviewr is more than just awards software, it’s a digital experience.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Increased administrator efficiency saves time and money that can be better allocated to other member and community impacting activities. Spend less time managing awards in spreadsheets, emails, and folders and more time making a difference.

Boost nominator, nominee, and committee engagement

Boost nominator, nominee, and committee engagement

More engaged participants leads to increased participation rates, better quality submissions and reduced support.​

Create a thoughtful evaluation and selection experience

Create a thoughtful evaluation and selection experience

Professional and time conscious committee judging and selection experience results in higher quality reviews, feedback, and increased year over volunteers.

Confidence through data driven integrity​

Confidence through data driven integrity​

Creates program integrity and confidence through accurate, transparent, consistent, data driven decision making.

Build your brand

Build your brand

The Reviewr experience is a mindset. It's a never settle mentality of doing things the right way. Reviewr clients are innovators that embrace technology and strive for perfection for both themselves and their participants.

Because we care

Because we care

Reviewr becomes an extension of your team. As an industry leader in Award Management Software, leverage best practices and highly personal support services guided by years of experience and insights running a wide variety of award programs. We've got your back.

The proven awards and recognition recipe

From start to finish, we've got you covered

Reviewr awards management software provides dedicated recipes based on years of experience and feedback from thousands of clients. These proven recipes transform awards and recognition with tools optimized for the task at hand. Reviewr packages up all the bells, whistles, and widgets in a proven formula that streamlines operations and increases engagement for all.

award management software microsite

Award program microsite

Launch aesthetic marketing landing pages with just a few clicks without involving the IT team. The awards landing pages serve as the starting point of the award nomination experience. Rather use your own website? No worries, there are many ways Reviewr Award Management Software can integrate with your existing web page or association management software.

The recipe for success:
- Branded logo
- Outline important information, dates, and details
- Showcase partners and sponsors
- Generate buzz with social media sharing
- Public showcase and celebration of recipients
- Easily login, submit, or nominate
- Single sign on and white-label support

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Online nominations

Where data meets user engagement. Reviewr award management software is more than just online forms, it's a modern approach to custom data collection and an engaging experience that revolves around nominee profiles, interactive forms, and custom workflows.

  • Nominee profiles
  • Easy to use online form builder
  • Dual nominator and nominee workflows
  • Intelligent forms with conditional logic
  • File/media uploads
  • Automated letter of recommendation support
  • Automated email triggers
  • Nominee tracking
  • Integrated Online payment
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award management nomination form
award management software login page
award management command center

Administrator Command Center

Save hours of time by ditching the spreadsheets and folders. With Reviewr, manage the entire awards process in one centralized place with dedicated award management tools.

The recipe for success:
- Program command center and dashboard
- Create timelines and workflows
- Assign nominations to review committees
- Nominee/nomination management portal
- Integrated communication
- Committee progress tracking
- Reports and insights

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Committee review and selection

Create custom review and selection workflows to easily assign review committee teams to groups of nominations. The dedicated reviewing portal allows the review team to simply log in and access shared submissions for quick and seamless evaluation and selection.

  • Online evaluation portals
  • Assign nominations to committees
  • Custom scoring and selection process
  • Online judging/voting/evaluation
  • Side-by-side submission and scorecards
  • Embedded document viewer
  • Virtual committee collaboration
  • Automated results reporting
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award management software public celebration page
award management software judge view



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What our partners say about us


Joshua H.


We have been using Reviewr for five years now and the platform and client success team together are one of the most important parts of our large awards programs. We use the platform for the entire application, evaluation, scoring, live presentations/interviews, and data/images/resources collection process. There are so many moving parts and functions that used to be handled by several software apps and manual processes. Having them all in one place with one portal and one super reliable and responsive support expert has saved us thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.


Susan C.

Kansas Hospital Association

Reviewr has provided a platform that is easy to use and easy to share with scholarship applicants and judges alike. The support for building and re-designing has been wonderful! After discussing the benefits of various options, changes are made quickly and without complaint. Plus, information is stored from one year to the next, which makes the next year's efforts easier. Using Reviewr decreased the staff time for the scholarship program by 60%.


Andy D.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Reviewr has saved my team several days of work throughout the awards nomination, evaluation, and selection process. The interface is easy for our members to use and reduced questions to our call center. Reviewr sped up the process of assigning nominations to evaluators by several days, if not a full week. It also made calculating the scores and identifying top candidates a breeze.

SVP testimonial


Social Venture Partners - Arizona

Having one overall hub to maintain and connect all applicants, reviewers, and judges is critical for a program of this length and size. What Reviewr accomplished took 3 different websites in previous years.

University of Washington Testimonial


The University of Washinigton

Every 15 minutes in Reviewr equates to 4 hours with our old manual process



Emory Alumni Association

Saved me 40 hours of work in just one month



National Association of REALTORS

This platform saves me so much time. It brings back days into my month.


William A.

Johns Hopkins University

I run a grants program through reviewr and having all participants (applicants, judges, administrators) all log in through one central website is an amazing time saver for everything we do with it. The final result looks excellent and the user interface and experience for participants is fantastic. I can't emphasize how much the customer service is the final selling point for this product.

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Kaylin B.

Illinois Technology Association

We switched to Reviewr after years of using an online survey facilitator to help gather and review hundreds of submissions for an annual awards program. It was BEYOND time! Not only is it a simple process for submittors (who can submit, return and edit up until our deadline without creating duplicate entries) but it is a simple process for my team on the backend to keep track of the number of submissions, organize by category and download. The all-in-one process between submission collection, outside/internal review and public voting is incredible - where our process used to consist of a LOT of copy and paste, we now just click check boxes and assign submissions to the next step.


Anne B.

Highline Schools Foundation

We implemented Reviewr at our small non-profit last year and are so glad that we did. The product helps us to run three processes: our grant awards, our scholarship awards, and our employee awards. Nominators love the system because they can easily log in and start their application. They can save it and come back later. Our reviewers love the system as well. They are easily able to log in and see all the parts of the applications quickly and easily. They LOVE the system. Most importantly, the staff of Reviewr is fabulous. They listened to our needs and had all sorts of creative suggestions as to how we could improve our process.


Diana L.

Junior Achievement of New York

From the admin side, this platform is extremely efficient and easy to customize. We use it to run a case competition across multiple schools and regions and it is very easy to organize and manage submissions through different rounds and groups of judging. We tried a few different platforms before Reviewr and this was by far the most flexible.


Mallory M.

Georgia State University

Our organization launched a major awards program for the first time using Reviewr to manage our submission process. Given the amount of data required on behalf of both nominators and nominees, I cannot even begin to imagine how we would have shared the content with our evaluators without Reviewr. This program allowed me to focus my time on communicating with all parties involved and less on the logistics of printing, organizing and tabulating. Three years later, we are still using Reviewr and it is well worth the investment. I find it to be very easy for our users as well as our staff and evaluators to navigate.

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Amy S.

Union County Education Foundation

I no longer have to spend an entire day photocopying applications or receive scores from judges only to find their Excel spreadsheet is empty---true story! Easy for teachers to apply for our grants, easy for students to apply for our scholarship, easy for judges and easy for me. Win!

“Associations that focus on leveraging data, improving processes, and investing in new technologies, the hard work will likely pay off in more engaged and satisfied members”

Custom submission form

Administrator dashboard

Online review/evaluation

Experience microsite

Communication tools

Standard reporting

Customer success center

Standard package features


Basic package features +

Multi-category management

File uploads

Embedded document view

Multi-phase submission

Multi-phase/round review

Automated nomination workflow

Automated letter of recommendation

Public showcase/voting page

Phone support

Prestige package features


Standard package features +

Integrated payment processing



Single Sign On (SSO)

API integrations

Data migration

VIP support

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