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Reviewr is a scholarship management software used by Credit Unions to collect, manage, and review scholarship applications and manage the entire scholarship lifecycle from start to finish. We’re here to help you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making an impact.

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Why Credit Unions use Reviewr?

Reviewr for Credit Union Scholarships: Scholarships, powered through Reviewr, help credit unions drive deeper member engagement and community impact – leading to increased asset growth, regulatory compliance, and community trust.

Scholarships are a direct way of giving back to the community. It shows credit unions are committed to the betterment and success of its valuable members – leading to increased membership. As Membership increases, more individuals will open accounts, take out loans, and leverage other financial services.

According the the World Council of Credit Unions – the average age of a credit union member is 53, posing long-term sustainability challenges. Scholarships attract a younger generation of membership while leading to increased membership via referrals as well as driving financial literacy and education in a target demorgraphic.

Scholarships from credit unions are a direct investment into the community – helping members achieve their educational goals, which lead to better job opportunities, improved quality of life, and local economic impact. By supporting members educational pursuits, credit unions lay the groundwork for long-term relationships. Members will appreciate the credit union’s efforts leading to increased loyalty and trust – empowering positive publicity and community brand image.

In a highly regulated industry Reviewr provides both the data security and audit proof of process critical to the success of a scholarship. Leveraging proof of process functions credit unions will ensure a fair, non-bias, and compliant scholar selection process while also ensuring a feedback loop for self development and growth. As a SOC2 certified platform, Reviewr gives both credit unions and the community peace of mind that robust data security measures are in place to handle sensitive member information.

Reviewr provides the modern consumer the digital accessibility desired by the modern consumer. This leads to a better participant and volunteer experience, streamlined operations, data-driven insights, and the toolbox credit unions seek for building a digital brand presence.

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Less busy work, more impact.

The Reviewr scholarship management software provides dedicated tools that transform the entire scholarship lifecycle. Reviewr packages up all the bells, whistles, and widgets in a proven formula that streamlines operations and increases engagement for all.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Increase administrator efficiency by an average 84%, empowering scholarship providers to spend more time on high-impact activities and less time in spreadsheets, emails, and documents.

Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement

Provide the engaging and modern experience scholarship applicants desire- leading to an average 31% increase in participation rates, better quality scholarship applications, and reduced support.

Simple, fair, and compliant review experience

Simple, fair, and compliant review experience

79% average reduction in scholarship review team workloads allow staff to provide the thoughtful, fair, and quality evaluation and selection experience applicants deserve – all ensuring privacy and compliance.

Confidence through data driven decision making

Confidence through data driven decision making

Create scholarship program integrity and confidence through accurate, transparent, consistent, and data-driven decision making.

The experience your

The Scholarship Applicant Experience

Empower scholarship applicants with the modern and user friendly experience they desire – promoting more engaged participants, increased participation rates, better quality applications, and reduced support. 


Optimize your scholarship program’s online presence with Reviewr’s landing pages, designed exclusively for scholarship management and the needs of scholarship providers. These landing pages are more than just a digital experience; they’re an integral part of Reviewrs comprehensive scholarship software. Landing pages are crafted to highlight scholarship details such as important dates and deadlines to eligibility criteria, ensuring all pertinent information is accessible and clear. Landing pages embrace your brand’s identity, allowing for primary and secondary color control to align with your style guide. Highlight your sponsors with dedicated spaces for logos, enhancing credibility and connection with your audience. With Reviewr’s scholarship management system, create a seamless, engaging experience for your applicants while maintaining the professional look and feel of your program.


Streamline the scholarship application process with Reviewr’s intuitive and robust scholarship application functions. Designed with both scholarship applicants and scholarship managers in mind, Reviewer simplifies the submission process, allowing applicants to provide all necessary information efficiently and accurately. If you can dream it up, the Reviewr scholarship application form builder can power it.

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Scholarship applicant profiles are a core component to the Reviewr scholarship management software. Profiles empower scholarship applicants to create and manage their information, centralizing their scholarship journey from the initial application to final selection and more. Profiles enable scholarship applicants to apply to multiple scholarships, submit necessary files and deliverables, add additional content tailored to different program stages of the scholarship process, receive communication, and access scholarship selection results.


Supplemental forms are an exciting and innovating new feature to Reviewr. Supplemental forms enable scholarship applicants to either request additional information from external sources or add additional submission forms to their profile for different stages of the scholarship process. Supplemental forms are often used to collect reference requests and transcripts directly from the source. Scholarship applicants can also access their scholarship profile and add dedicated forms/deliverables requested by scholarship providers at different stages of the program.

The Scholarship Management Experience

Increase scholarship management efficiency by an average of 84%, saving time and money that can be better allocated to other high-impact activities.  Manage the entire scholarship lifecycle in one place with a dedicated scholarship management system – eliminating the back and fourth between paper, email, web forms, spreadsheets, exporting, databases, file sharing, and more. 


Transform your scholarship administration with Reviewr’s Scholarship Manager Dashboard, the command center at the heart of our scholarship management software. Leverage the dashboard for real time monitoring of dates, deadlines, and activities. Navigate to dedicated scholarship management tools such as managing users, creating workflows, viewing scholarship applications, communicating with both applicants and staff, generating reports, and much more.

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Easily search, filter, and sort scholarship applications from the scholarship management software. Designed for efficiency, scholarship providers can view scholarship applicant profiles, view submitted scholarship applications, access files and deliverables, communicate with scholars, leave internal notes, and more!

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Streamline your review process with Reviewr’s dynamic feature for assigning scholarship applicants to review committees, a vital tool within our comprehensive scholarship management software. This feature offers versatile assignment options to accommodate your program’s unique needs, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation process. Manually assign individual scholarship applications to specific committee members for a tailored review approach, or utilize groupings to distribute batches of applications efficiently among different reviewers. For a more impartial distribution, leverage the automated assignment system, which randomly allocates a set number of submissions to judges, mitigating potential biases and promoting a fair assessment environment. This assignment flexibility ensures that each application is reviewed thoroughly and fairly, enhancing the integrity and credibility of your scholarship program.

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With Reviewr, simplify your review process while maintaining a high standard of fairness and transparency in applicant evaluation.

The Scholarship Review Experience

Reduce scholarship evaluation workloads by 79% and promote a professional and time-conscious online review and selection experience resulting in higher quality reviews, feedback, and increased year over volunteer retention. Ensure program integrity and confidence through non-bias, accurate, transparent, consistent, and data-driven decision-making.

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Elevate your scholarship review process with Reviewr’s online review and selection tools, an essential part of our scholarship management software designed to enhance efficiency and decision-making. This feature empowers review committee members to sort, filter, find, and view detailed information on scholarship applicants seamlessly. Looking to blind data, don’t worry – scholarship providers have direct control over what data is visible to review teams.

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Maximize the effectiveness of your scholarship review process with Reviewr’s innovative side-by-side interface, a key feature of our scholarship management software that creates significant efficiency for review team workflows. This intuitive interface allows review committees to simultaneously view scholarship applicant profiles and materials alongside an online scorecard/selection tool, streamlining the evaluation process. This side-by-side approach helps minimize switching between forms, documents, notes, and scoresheets for an engaging experience.

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Reviewr offers embedded document viewing experience significantly improves the scholarship review workflow for review teams. The seamless integration ensures that all necessary materials and files are accessible directly in Reviewr without having to download and open in external tools. This approach ensures the ability to conduct side-by-side review in a centralized scholarship management software.

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What would be a scholarship management software without a dedicated portal to view results for data driven decision making? Eliminate complicated spreadsheets and manual tabulations. The real-time decision making tools provide an overview of the applicants, who reviewed them, how they were reviewed, total scores, and averages. Seamlessly advance applicants to different workflows or leverage the data for informed decision making.

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