How the Kansas Hospital Association fuels the future of healthcare with homegrown talent through scholarships

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How the Kansas Hospital Association uses Reviewr to fuel healthcare excellence with homegrown talent through scholarships

In this webinar, Kyle and Susan sit down and discuss the background of the KHERF scholarships as well as dive deeper into how the Kansas Hospital Association leverages Reviewr to power the scholarship application process, manage the intake of scholarship submissions, as well as review and select the scholarship recipients.

The scholarship program initially launched in 2002 to support Kansas healthcare workers. The goal of the scholarship program is to not only create world class healthcare in the state of Kansas, but also grow from within by partnering with the local colleges/universities to provide scholarship opportunities that attract and retain local Kansas talent. By providing scholarship opportunities to Kansas students within Kansas institutions, the Kansas Hospital Association promotes future job creation and healthcare resources both within urban demographics as well as rural. In fact, the scholarship attracts 65% of its applicants from rural Kansas with roughly 85% of the scholarship recipients being rural.

In this webinar we discuss:
  • Introduction to the KHERF Scholarships
  • Scholarship application process
  • Scholarship management process
  • The review and selection of scholarship recipients

The Scholarship Application Process

  • Data is essential.
    • Need to capture the critical elements that are needed for an informed scholarship selection process.
    • Long term reporting and metrics help define the scholarship application process.
    • With that said, it’s easy to go overboard and overwhelm scholarship applicants with too many questions and too much “fluff”.
    • Too much fluff also leads to an overworked scholarship review committee.
  • The scholarship application basics 

Scholarship Application Form 

    • Contact information
    • Demographics (can later be hidden in review).
    • Scholarship applicant background and merits
      • Scores are actually given based on these achievements
    • Essays
      • Scholarship essays can include character limitations or even be video based essays
    • Letters of Recommendation
      • Uses the letter of recommendation guest attachment feature
      • Recommender notified automatically and uploads document
      • Not incorporated into the review process
    • File uploads
      • Leverages Reviewr embedded document viewer
      • Files can include everything from .pdfs or things like videos and images

Scholarship Application File Uploads

    • Transcripts
    • Resumes
    • Volunteer history
  • Feedback from the Kansas Hospital Association, “The applicants love it and so do the judges. They really enjoy the online aspect”.


The Scholarship Management Workflow

    • Monitor data in real-time
      • View scholarship applications as they are submitted
      • View in-progress entries
        • Send auto-reminders
      • Generate key metric reports

AdminDashboard 5

    • Leverage existing review staff from prior years while recruiting additional reviewers as needed
    • Review team has a preference on which of the five scholarship categories they would like to evaluate
      • Use Reviewrs groups feature to assign scholarship review committees to the categories
      • Can assign entire committees or categories or to specific scholarship applicants
        • In this example, the Kansas Hospital Association assigns each scholarship applicant to two review committee members within that category
          • In Reviewr, this can be done via automation where a specific number of entries and/or evaluators can be assigned based on the desirable outcome

Submission management software assign submissions to judges

      • Staff committee reviews the final scholarship committee scores/rankings
        • Creates a list of scholarship recipients as well as creates an honorable mention/short list for those not selected
      • Scholarship recipients will rejoin their scholarship application profile and submit additional deliverables once selected
  • Feedback from the Kansas Hospital Association, “My time has been cut by almost 2/3rds by the amount of time I used to spend on scholarships. Reviewr has been such a money and time savor for our company while still having the ability to give out $25,000+ in scholarships”.


The Review and Selection of Scholarship Recipients

  • The evaluation and selection of scholarship applicants is based on categories
    • As noted, each category is assigned to a review committee using Reviewrs groups feature
    • Within the group, the review committee is further broken down where each scholarship applicant is reviewed by two committee members.
  • The scholarship review committee logs into the Reviewr selection portal where they access the scholarship applicants assigned to them

Submission management Software Judge submission listing screenshot

  • Upon viewing a scholarship application, the scholarship committee is presented with a split screen
    • Half the page is the scholarship application while the other half is the scholarship evaluation criteria/rankings tool

Submission Management Software Judging Page

    • The scholarship review committee can toggle between the scholarship application, documents, multimedia, and notes provided
  • The ranking is incredibly important because the score does not always tell the full story
    • The scholarship review committee will view the scholarship applicants and deliberate
    • Applicants with close scores are then ranked and reviewed against each other
  • Feedback from the Kansas Hospital Association, “My reviewers have not wanted to leave the scholarship program, especially since we’ve added Reviewr. It’s so much easier, it takes 1-3 hours, and they can review all their scholarships and make good decisions”.

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