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Why alumni associations use Reviewr?

Alumni recognition awards and scholarships, powered through Reviewr, help alumni associations drive deeper alumni engagement and community impact – leading to a strong alumni network, enhanced institutional reputation, increased contributions, and more inspired students.

Awards encourage a sense of community and belonging among alumni. This strengthens the alumni network, which can be beneficial for networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and fostering a sense of loyalty to the institution.

Recognizing alumni can lead to increased engagement with the institution. Honored alumni may become more involved in various aspects, such as mentoring, speaking at events, or contributing financially. This, in turn, can aid in the institution’s development and expansion.

These awards are a way to acknowledge the remarkable achievements or contributions of alumni in various fields such as business, academia, community service, or other areas. Recognizing these accomplishments not only celebrates the individual but also highlights the caliber of graduates from the institution.

When alumni are nominated or selected for awards, the institution often collects detailed, updated information about their career achievements, current positions, and contact details. This data enriches the alumni database by keeping records current and comprehensive.

Recognizing successful alumni can serve as an inspiration to current students. It shows them the heights they can achieve and the impact they can make in their respective fields post-graduation.

hen an institution acknowledges its successful alumni, it indirectly enhances its own reputation. Prospective students and faculty are often attracted to institutions with a strong and successful alumni base.

Less busy work, more impact.

Reviewr alumni award management software provides dedicated tools that transform the entire award lifecycle. Reviewr packages up all the bells, whistles, and widgets in a proven formula that streamlines operations and increases engagement for all.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

Increase administrator efficiency by an average 84%, empowering organizations to spend more time on high-impact activities and less time toying around in spreadsheets, emails, and documents.

Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement

Provide the engaging and modern experience participants desire- leading to an average 31% increase in participation rates, better quality nominations, and reduced support.

Simple, fair, and compliant review experience

Simple, fair, and compliant review experience

79% average reduction in review team workloads allow staff to provide the thoughtful, fair, and quality evaluation and selection experience applicants deserve – all ensuring privacy and compliance.

Confidence through data driven decision making

Confidence through data driven decision making

Create program integrity and confidence through accurate, transparent, consistent, and data-driven decision making.

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