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The Passion that fuels Reviewr…

In another life, we were once known as PitchBurner, the industry leading software for running entrepreneurship competitions. We built PitchBurner because we got tired of watching entrepreneurs blindly submit their pitch decks and business plans into competitions, to never hear back or get any feedback on how to improve. The PitchBurner platform changed the ecosystem of entrepreneurship competition and is now being used in business plan and pitch events worldwide.

In that journey, we were approached by organizations of all types and sizes begging for a solution to streamline their projects that required the collection, management, and review of submissions. They started using PitchBurner in ways never intended. Things like grants, marketing contests, call for entries, you name it. We quickly realized that our technology was needed to solve a much broader challenge, the process of effectively managing submissions. By combing our industry expertise and proven technology, Reviewr was born. The new leader in online submission collecting, management, and review.

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We were built by you. Yes, that's right, you. The hundreds of thousands of users that pass through the Reviewr App control what features are built and help us better serve you. Not only is Reviewr the brain-child of PitchBurner, the industry leader in online competitions, but the team comes from the same backgrounds as you, and faced many of the same challenges you are facing in your submission management process.

Nervous - our customer care team will guide you through the implementation process, training you on how to use every aspect of the platform, offering industry best-practices every step of the way.

Whether your organization is large, small, or somewhere in between: we’re here to help you be awesome. 

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