The Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Award Nomination Collection in 2023

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The Comprehensive Guide to Efficient Award Nomination Collection in 2023

The crux of any award program is its nominees, and the quality of these nominees depends largely on the ease and efficiency of the nomination process. Streamlining nomination collection ensures a wider pool of candidates, enhancing the overall quality of your program. Here’s an in-depth guide to perfecting your nomination collection strategy. Looking for the Ultimate Guide to Running A Member Recognition Award – Check this out.

1. Ease of Access: Seamless Integration

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Partnering with industry-leading association management software ensures a frictionless experience. Users don’t need to remember another password; they can access the nomination portal using their association credentials.

2. Nominator Experience: Simplified Yet Detailed

  • Ease for Nominators: The platform should be intuitive. Nominators should be guided through the process with clear instructions and prompt support.

  • Save and Logout: Understand that nominators might not have all the information at hand immediately. Allow them to save their progress and return to it later.

  • Multiple Nominations: A user-friendly interface should provide nominators with the option to submit nominations for multiple individuals or categories without starting from scratch each time.

3. Nominator vs. Nominee: Distinct Information Collection

  • From the Nominator: Collect basic details about the nominee to increase volume and marketing outreach , such as:

    • Name
    • Contact Information
    • Brief overview of the nominee and why they are deserving of an award.
  • Notification to Nominee: Once a nomination is initiated, an automated email should notify the nominee about their nomination, including details about the next steps. The goal of this is to put the robust data collection and energy on the nominee themselves. This also is a great way to get up to date and current information about nominees as well as create a fair and accurate judging process.

  • From the Nominee: The platform should prompt nominees to fill out a more detailed form, providing:

    • Personal Information
    • Detailed Achievements
    • Relevant Credentials
    • Award Specific Questions
    • Reference Request

4. Robust Document Handling

  • File Uploads: Nominees should be able to easily upload supporting documents in various formats (e.g., PDF, JPEG, Word). This could include certificates, photographs, or other relevant files.

5. Redefining References

  • Requesting a Reference: Instead of traditionally demanding lengthy recommendation letters, the system can facilitate a modernized process. When a nominee lists a reference, that individual should receive an automated email prompting them to provide their reference via a dedicated link.

  • Reference Template Forms: To eliminate bias and ensure fairness, references should fill out a standardized form that focuses on three key areas:

    1. The nominee’s most notable achievement.
    2. The nominee’s strengths in the context of the award.
    3. Any additional information that makes the nominee stand out.

    Ditching full-blown letters in favor of these templated questions reduces personal biases and ensures a level playing field for all nominees.

6. Flexibility for Nominees

  • Adding Deliverables: Post their initial submission, nominees should have the option to add supplementary materials if requested or if they believe it strengthens their nomination.


The nomination process, while integral, shouldn’t be an obstacle for nominators or nominees. By modernizing traditional practices, focusing on user experience, and using tools that prioritize efficiency, you can ensure a rich, diverse, and high-quality pool of candidates for your award program. And always remember: the easier and clearer the process, the more inclined individuals are to participate.

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