Reviewer Portal – Viewing a Submission

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Viewing the Submission


Every page can be viewed with the option to start evaluations on the left side




DetailsThe details page contains the submission


To return to the dashboard, select the ALZzxjje9PQ3ONh5v3k07FTW2E4mi3pjK0jxD3qUNnjn2HiAxTJ CdsGP in the top right hand corner


Editors Judge


Editors – This allows you to see the information of the applicant(s) who worked on the submission


Attachments Judge


Attachments – This allows you to see the attachments on a submission.


To view an attachment, select the next to the desired attachment


To download an attachment, select the RHqThrHw O FBJU8z20srOCpTvIUuBS4Nig3 oCqec4k247W4L403UGZkh6N425UFFh20VCEiqL7qct iDTyt0r2iu0gCSstdu1RwVArqe6njgda7rsmP2PD8Yr3jXGfrHN268vHnext to the desired attachment


To view the evaluation options for a submission, select “My Evaluations”


To evaluate a submission with a specific evaluation, select 0aVIU2L0hy6OVcqAe fZOEogWwvNG2j4tf5bmFDBhvcU1TsHejfax9ePdrB0ttoNYbOeurE193 k7HC404yB1OqX96oD kVDOrqKC8n65H a51 ZF97ao




Here you’ll see the Submission on the left side and the Evaluation on the right side


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