Reviewer Portal – Viewing a Submission

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Viewing the Submission

Every page can be viewed with the option to start evaluations on the left side

DetailsThe details page contains the submission

To return to the dashboard, select the in the top right hand corner

Editors – This allows you to see the information of the applicant(s) who worked on the submission

Attachments – This allows you to see the attachments on a submission.

To view an attachment, select the next to the desired attachment

To download an attachment, select the next to the desired attachment


Supplemental Forms – This allows you to see the supplemental form request tied to a submission


To view a supplemental form request, select  next to the desired request



Questions/Comments – This is where you can leave questions/comments for the submitter



To view an existing question/comment, select   next to the desired question/comment


To add a question/comment, select  


Once you’ve entered the desired question/comment, select 


Notes – This is where notes from other reviewers will appear along with the ability for you to submit notes that they and the event administrator(s) can see



To view an existing note, select

To add a note, select 

Once you’ve entered the desired note, you can select to share with other reviewers by selecting 

Once everything is set, select 


To view the evaluation options for a submission, select “My Evaluations”

To evaluate a submission with a specific evaluation, select

Here you’ll see the Submission on the left side and the Evaluation on the right side


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