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New feature:  Collect paid submissions

Today, we are excited to announce the release of a highly requested and powerful new feature. The ability to collect paid submissions! 

Reviewr was built for you, by you. What does that mean? Every feature, widget, and shiny object that you love in Reviewr is the brainchild of collaboration with existing clients. No one knows more about running awards, grants, scholarships, and competitions then you, so why shouldn’t you help decide what features are built into Reviewr?

Collecting paid submissions is common practice in a wide variety of programs powered by Reviewr, most notably recognition awards. Asking for a small (or not so small) fee to submit is a great way to boost revenue generating opportunities within your organization. It’s also a great way to ensure quality entries by upping the “ante”. Especially now with many organizations postponing or cancelling their annual conferences – asking for an entree fee to apply can help supplement lost income. Payment does not only need to come in the form of paid entry – you may also consider upselling products during the submission process. Here are some common examples we see clients doing:

  • Submission entry payment fee
    • Standardized rate to apply
    • Tiered pricing based on volume of entries
    • Member vs non member rates
    • Early bird rates
  • Pay for conference during submission process
  • Sell products and services as last step of submission
    • Merchandise
    • Online courses
    • Workshops
    • Membership dues
    • Sponsorship

Interested in learning more about the payment feature and how to implement it into your program? Schedule a time to chat with a member from our team today!

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