Evaluation Builder

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Evaluation Builder

This is the Evaluation Builder page. These are the settings for the evaluation form.


Evaluation Questionnaire Builder

Evaluation Forms – Here you can edit the text for questions and here’s how:

  • Select

  • Select

  • Here you can change the question text, add answer choices, remove answer choices, edit existing answer choices, and reorder answer choices. To change the section text, you’ll want to edit the text box labled as “Prompt Label”. Changing the “Name” text box will change the section name but doesn’t show for applicants. To add answer choices, select . To remove answer choices, select . To edit existing answer choices, select . To reorder answer choices, select  or  or drag and drop them.

Group Assignments

Here you can choose whether every evaluation form is visible for every submission in every group when being reviewed or whether certain evaluation forms appear for certain submissions based on which group they and the reviewer are in.

  • Automatically assign all Evaluation forms to all groups – This will assign every evaluation to every submission in every group.

  • I would like to decide the Evaluation forms used for each group – This will allow you to choose which evaluations are used in which group. Here’s how:

    • Select

    • Select the that connects the group to the right form

    • Select


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