Evaluation Builder

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Evaluation Builder


This is the Evaluation Builder page. These are the settings for the evaluation form.


Evaluation Builder


Evaluation Questionnaire Builder


Evaluation Forms – Here you can edit the text for questions and here’s how:

  • Select pGK1V02wLXTRbJC


Edit Evaluation Form


  • Select FA3IKhF3sL9t8cBXsw4tRMI5rm8voEp DWB9u2GYGYAaJBsYb1soH1L2LF1dXkvYT F36rx0j1Qbi5cVLhXMUmyhCGG2lYxkXX7Lti1ElaXX14WnuArhUtfZ lEtYDkzZrvBOIKq


Edit Evaluation Form 2


  • Here you can change the question text. To change the section text, you’ll want to edit the text box labled as “Prompt Label”. Changing the “Name” text box will change the section name but doesn’t show for applicants.


Group Assignments


Here you can choose whether every evaluation form is visible for every submission in every group when being reviewed or whether certain evaluation forms appear for certain submissions based on which group they and the reviewer are in.


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  • Automatically assign all Evaluation forms to all groups – This will assign every evaluation to every submission in every group.

  • I would like to decide the Evaluation forms used for each group – This will allow you to choose which evaluations are used in which group. Here’s how:

    • Select aqrJTbHxiyapezJWOdm fYBOpCeURL3JLXUNpMJObe k7Xbebslt C2lW4x2 R

    • Select the o2wufTAi20efroYG0ZcTfcGj0Xy6QmW6mZo 6NoBFgs3rpFL38WAEM45YMuDwyB2hmdIOMorKlukt0xT9Q5CZmQ14dwkt4Tg5Q K7U2d8 v7L8AlE Vlp5ip9F GK3F44ygn3eX5that connects the group to the right form

    • Select k 2Mjw99zLkUQD ItqnVYaIucyUdkPwzJorSU9wEdxY176D4G AEjxIOOFyho4qaWh KN2ATOOPVjGZ41ZAYMPnGXVhNYhxJI1v0KwpS5XTGcsk1 1d4h2pVhJzWWNnuqU N3EWO


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