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Most Common Questions

Have a question? We're sure you are not the first. Below are some frequently asked questions and high level answers. Need more help? Check out the knowledge base for in-depth tutorials.

  1. To login to your judge/evaluator portal please CLICK HERE. 

On the login page your username will be your email address (the email you were added as a judge with by the program admin). Your password will be one of two things:

  1. A temporary passworded provided to you by the program administrator
  2. A password you have set for your self when initially invited to be a judge.

If you have forgotten your password, please CLICK HERE or refer to the “I Forgot My Password” FAQ’s.


Your login username as a judge/evaluator is actually not set by you, but instead by the program administrator for the project you are evaluating for.

Your username will be the email address that they added you with. If you are attempting to login with your email and getting an error saying your account does not exist:

  1. You have not yet been added as an evaluator
  2. You have been added with a different email address.

To reset a forgotten password, simply CLICK HERE and enter your email address. Once you press “Reset Password” you will receive an email with a link to reset. Note: if you receive a notice that “Sorry, no account matching your entry was found.” one of two things occurred. 1) You have not yet been added as a judge or 2) The email address you were added with by the program administrator is different than what you have entered to recover. Either try with another potential email address and/or contact the program administrator.

To view submissions after logging in:

  1. The landing page after logging in is a “submission menu”. Here you will find both some helpful instructions as well as a list of entries to view.
  2. To view an entry:
    1. Click the view icon to the left of the submission name/ID
    2. Click the evaluation status to the right of the submission name/ID
  3. If you clicked view, you will be brought to a split screen where the left side is the applicants profile, and the right are action items (including the evaluation form).
  4. If you clicked the evaluation status you will be brought to a split screen where the left side is the applicant profile and the right being the evaluation criteria (See how to submit an evaluation).
  5. Within an applicants profile you may have tabs across the top (program depending) where you can view the submission, attachments, and leave notes.

To open a submission to evaluate please refer to “How do I view Submissions?”. To enter the evaluation mode this will depend on how you accessed the submission

  1. If you pressed view from the submission listing you will have a tab on the right labeled “My Evaluations”. Here you will see a list of available scorecards. Please click “Evaluate Now”.
  2. If you accessed the submissions profile by clicking the submission status (incomplete, in progress, etc) you will be automatically brought into the evaluation criteria.
    1. Note, if you opened an already evaluated submission you can press “edit” to modify your scorecard.
  3. Once you have a scorecard open please fill out the form as directed from the program administrator for the project you are evaluating for.
  4. At the bottom of your scorecard you will have an option to “close”. This will Auto Save your scoresheet and allow you to navigate away from the profile and return later.
  5. When ready, you will also have a “Submit” button. This will submit your scores and redirect you to “view only” mode.
  6. To make edits, please click the edit button.
  7. NOTE: If you press submit and the scorecard does not redirect or nothing happens, Please scroll up and look for a red error with an explanation. Likely there is a required form field that was missed.

To view files submitted within a profile you may do either of the following (program admins may enable or disable certain options):

  • Click the tab at the top of an applicants profile labeled “Attachments”.
    • Here you will find a list of files that have been uploaded. You can either download the document or press the view icon.
    • When viewing, the document will embed itself directly within your window below the listing of files uploaded.
  • While looking at an applicants form you may see links to files. If you click one of these links it will either open up in an embedded popup or navigate you to a new tab where it was downloaded.

There are two steps in confirming you are done evaluation.

  1. To verify that an individual evaluation was submitted you would be redirect back to the submissions profile in “view only” scorecard mode after submitting.
  2. To verify you are overall done evaluating the submissions assigned to you please refer to the submission listing page (when you first login).
    1. Off to the right of the submissions you will have a status. This will either say “complete” or it will show the score entered. Either of these confirms completion.
    2. If the status shows as either “Incomplete” or “In Progress” this means there HAS NOT been a submitted scorecard.

There are two potential causes of logging in as a judge/evaluator and seeing an “old” project you evaluated.

  1. You have been added as an evaluator to multiple programs using different emails. This means you have logged in with an email associated to an older program and not the one you are attempting to view. If this occurs please contact the program admin for the project you are evaluating to get clarity on what your username is.
  2. You have been added with a temporary password and may be using the incorrect password.
    1. Temporary passwords are UNIQUE to the specific program it was assigned for. Because of this, logging in with that password will ONLY grant access to the program the temp password is associated with.
    2. If this occurs please contact the program admin for the project you are evaluating to get clarity on what your temp password is.


Knowledge Base

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