Business Plan vs. Business Model Canvas

We're here to give you an overview of both the business plan competition, as well as the business model canvas event option (because we don’t play favorites). We simply want to showcase all of your competition options so you may compare, contrast, and make an informed decision about which type of event you want to run (or maybe just learn some new jargon for your next entrepreneurial get-together).

9 Tips for Running a Photo or Video Contest

Competition Tips|Reviewr|June 9, 2015

So you’re looking to run a photo or video contest. Perhaps you’ve never run one before (that’s totally okay!). We’re here to provide some helpful tips and tricks to running the most successful, ground-breaking photo/video contest ever.

5 keys to Marketing your Competition Effectively

Competition Tips|Reviewr|June 9, 2015

If you are involved with organizing business plan, quick pitch, or new idea competitions, you know that it is not only a matter of getting all the pieces in place for an event but also getting excited entrepreneurs to show up. I have the opportunity to visit with hundreds of schools every month to find out about their events and, more importantly, what works and what fails. The list could extend far beyond the five mentioned below, but following these basic tips will improve attendance and get you more sponsors.

Minnesota Cup: Fostering New Business Ideas Across the State

Company News|Erin Carey|June 9, 2015

The Minnesota Cup is an entrepreneurial competition that supports and accelerates the development of breakthrough business ideas from across the state. Its mission is to seek out, support, celebrate and promote Minnesota’s newest and most innovative business ideas through this annual statewide contest that connects Minnesota entrepreneurs with the state’s leading business leaders, investors, the University of Minnesota and the state of Minnesota.

Health Care Connect

Reviewr|Kyle Fredrickson|June 9, 2015

Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation can often be a difficult task. While there are plenty of proven models, the ones that identify what will impact their local economies and aspiring entrepreneurs the most prove to be the most successful. Who are we to promote "innovation" without being "innovative" ourselves? PitchBurner was fortunate enough to witness first hand a true innovative effort between a local chamber of commerce and the cities brightest entrepreneurs.

Ballston BID: A Tasty Competition

Reviewr|Erin Carey|June 8, 2015

The Ballston BID is seeking the "Next Signature Restaurant." This new program is designed to activate commercial space and showcase Ballston as a magnet for discovery and innovation. This continuation of the LaunchPad Program will again showcase the creative, supportive environment that the Ballston BID fosters for entrepreneurs in the community.

Why YOU Aren't That Important to Your Event

Reviewr|John Haverkamp|June 8, 2015

Running an event is exciting. As the administrator, you get the opportunity to share something you are passionate about with others. Plus, your event gets a lot of attention (and so do you). However, as much as we love our clients, running an event is not all about the administrators.  Even though the administrators are a large part, they are far from the main focus. There must be applicants to make your event a success, and you need quality reviewers to provide beneficial feedback that will aid the applicants.

6 Steps to Creating a Strong Evaluation Form

Creating an evaluation form can be tricky. We offer 6 suggestions to keep in mind when creating your form. These suggestions have proven to yield excellent results from both the judge and the applicant's standpoint.

New to Business Plan Competitions? Here's Where To Start.

Competition Tips|Reviewr|June 7, 2015

If you’re an entrepreneur or business-minded student seeking to enter the world of business plan competitions for the first time, don’t be surprised if you’re overwhelmed by all the

options. The sheer number of competitions, rules and deadlines can be confusing.

Here are some guidelines on how to make sense of the business plan competition universe, which is growing and evolving all the time.

Networking & The FORD Method

Reviewr|Erin Carey|June 7, 2015

Being an entrepreneur includes the necessity of taking advantage of a multitude of networking opportunities. We’d like to tell you that networking is all about explaining your idea and that people simply throw money at you to go out and do it. Unfortunately, it’s not that black and white. When you are first starting out, networking is all about who you meet and what those people think of YOU. This leaves a lot of room for error: What if you’re a shy person and don’t know what to say? What if you talk about something unacceptable in the eyes of the business world?

No matter your situation, personal or professional, networking can be conquered by simply using the FORD method.

Why Would a Consumer Participate in a Brand Engagement Event?

Reviewr|Erin Carey|June 7, 2015

However, a few brands are engaging their consumers in new and unique online events. These events pull the consumer in because they are:

  • Relevant to the consumers wants/needs
  • Makes the consumer feel valued
  • Builds trust between the consumer and the brand
  • Shows consistency

Save Data to Save Your Brand

You spent hours sifting through submissions. Endless nights compiling a marketing campaign to promote the event. Spent (way too much) money to supply coffee for your reviewers before their first session began.

Now your event is over. What are you left with (besides a chance to relax a little bit)? Data. Now, that may seem much less appealing than, say, a margarita. However, gathering data from year to year during your event is one of the most important things you can do.

Don’t believe us? Check out these 3 reasons you should gather and save your competitor data.

Refine your contest, competition or award program: When & How

Summer months mean ice cream, swimming pools and EVENT PLANNING. The initial planning process often involves asking questions such as:

  • When is the ideal time to run a contest or competition?
  • How long should it last?
  • How do I manage it efficiently?

After explaining how to decide what your event is, who will participate, and Where & Why you will run it we've come to the end of this blog series. Our team is wrapping up this excursion into the proven Ways to Narrow the Scope of Your Contest, Competition or Award Program by explaining when and how to run it.

4 Ways Contests Help Your Institution Recruit

Contests are beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Contests help your business to flourish and stand out from the competitors. By creating and holding contests, you can show the strengths of your business and get help with your weaknesses, showcase your booming business's growth, engage current clients, and find ways to generally work smarter (not harder) for your company.

The "What & Who" of your contest, competition, or award program

No, we aren’t going senile. In last month’s newsletter, we featured an article that gave a brief overview of Ways to Narrow the Scope of Your Contest, Competition or Award Program. Over the next few posts, our team will break up each of those “age-old ways” down even more for you. We'd like to first explore the Who and the What of an event and how narrowing down these two fields can greatly impact your team's results. As previously mentioned, the IDEA of an event sounds exciting. It isn’t until planning begins that administrators realise how much detail goes into running a successful one. Don’t worry--we’ve got you covered.

When planning out a contest, competition or award program, you must first begin with the "what" of it.