Why you need submission/application management software

Company News|John Haverkamp|January 18, 2016

Putting your entire process in one tool will have amazing benefits for your application or submission management project such as awards, competitions, grants, call for papers, etc. By using a single platform your team will increase efficiency, reduce the chance for errors and data loss, and streamline your process from beginning to end. A single platform will let your whole team collaborate on a single toolset. The applications, evaluations, and all administrative task can be united in a single intuitive platform that will allow your team to focus on their daily tasks, and they can leave the headaches caused by manually running your submission or application process.

Putting your submission process in a single program will also let you guarantee accountability and transparency. With a cloud based software solution you can do away with the mistakes and lost data that can occur when people are using multiple documents and files. Your team will be using the single platform that will simultaneously update all information and registrations without any worry of lost, duplicated, or missing data. It will also give you the opportunity to see the progress of all of your team members. You can assign processes, set milestone dates, and monitor progress of your team. With a single dashboard and progress monitoring, you can guarantee that your team is on track.

One of the most important benefits of submission and application management software is the professional look and feel that your process will have for your stakeholders and applicants. By using a tested and proven submission management software you will have a clean and sleek website and portals for your applicants, judges, and team to use. A disorganized submission process can look jumbled and unprofessional. Submission software lets you design and implement a tried and true platform that will improve the impressions that stakeholders walk away from your event with.

One of the largest benefits that submission software will bring to your event is the experience of the team that comes with the software. They will have seen innumerable events similar to yours. You can leverage that experience to craft the best process and run your event more efficiently. Using their experience you will be able to leverage the platform in ways you may have never thought of. They can provide you with a bank of questions and examples, discuss proceses they have used in the past, and provide guidance as your event evolves around the submission software.

There is another benefit to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to use submission software. Your event will evolve and grow around the software. A submission and application software will have tools, metrics, and abilities that will allow you to expand your event and improve its efficiency. You will be able to accomplish things that would be impossible without the software.

When deciding to choose submission software a factor to keep in mind is the metrics and reports that you will be able to use in your event moving forward. This ranges from simplifying reports that you are already creating manually to reports that can only be created by an independent platform. You can create easily exportable contact lists based on the participants and submissions, track judges they log in and review submissions,view and track submissions as they are completed, and track your submission processes using a varied set of metrics.

You will also be able to simplify and streamline your reviewing process. The submission software you choose should also include built in tools to make your judging or review process easier. You be able to make your submission process more efficient, accountable, and professional; while also improving the steps you will need to take once your submissions have all be received. Using the same tracking metrics, experienced staff, and professionalism that submission software allows you to access you can create a more ideal review process.

Along with the experience a submission software staff brings to your process, you will also be able to leverage that staff once your event is up and running. Many submission software platforms will offer customer service and support options. Taking that load of work off of your team will free up your time to move onto improving your submission process further. You will be able to rest easy knowing that a dedicated and experienced staff will be on call to help you, your submitters, and your judges as the process occurs. You will have help and support whenever you need it.

When thinking about whether or not to use submission and application management software make sure to keep these benefits in mind. Submission software will help you evolve your process and platform, you will be able to leverage support and experience from a team that will be invaluable, and your team and workflow will improve.