Reviewr Feature Release: Integration

Company News|Kyle Fredrickson|January 8, 2016

In late 2015, Reviewr (formerly known as PitchBurner) made the decision to expand its service offering by leveraging the same industry leading technology that powers entrepreneurship competitions worldwide, as a submission management software to power online applications of all types. With this expansion, Reviewr is now powering innovative grants, scholarships, awards, contests, and call for entries for organizations of all types and sizes. We also hinted at many new and exciting features to come in early 2016. To read more about our decision to become Reviewr, check out our press release here.

With that said, we are proud to announce the release of our first feature rollout under the new Reviewr branding. This rollout brings important performance enhancements to the software's “code” for increased speed and minor bug fixes. Most importantly, the rollout brings a highly requested feature which will allow uploaded documents to be viewed directly within the platform, without the need to download. By building a direct integration with, users will now be able to access a wide variety of documents such as PDF’s, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even videos in an embedded tab side by side with evaluation forms. To learn more about the supported file types, please visit:

To test this feature:

  • Go to Management -> Submissions.
  • View a submission.
  • If you have the attachment tab enabled, you will see a list of uploaded documents with an option to both view and download. If you do not have this tab and would like to learn more about attachments, please contact
  • Click “view” next to the file name.
  • Notice how the document opens without the need to download (see screenshots below).

This integration with will allow users of all types (administrators, applicants and reviewers) to quickly and more efficiently view their uploaded documents on both their computers and tablets. This is especially valuable for reviewers, as they can now access downloaded documents such as PDF’s and videos side-by-side with their evaluation card. This further expands our goal to eliminate the need for outside services when collecting, managing, and reviewing online applications.

Stay tuned for further product feature announcements such as payment processing (Spring of 2016) via an integration with - the leader in online payment infrastructure.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about the integration, please contact a customer success representative at or, if you are new to Reviewr, contact