PitchBurner is now Reviewr!

Company News|Kyle Fredrickson|October 1, 2015

Pitchburner is excited to announce the launch of Reviewr! Reviewr, is a web-based application for collecting, managing, and reviewing online submissions.

We have been working globally to help our clients bridge the gap between entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in competitions and the industry experts who want to give them feedback. Today, PitchBurner has grown to be the industry leader in entrepreneurship competitions and are thankful for our clients that have helped us get where we are.

Because of our success, we were approached by organizations of all types looking to use PitchBurner to manage their online submission collection and review processes for things like contest, awards, grants, and call for entries. It didn’t take us long to realize how big of an opportunity we have to solve the challenges for a much wider audience.

With the launch of Reviewr, we are able to take the same industry leading technology that is running the most successful competitions worldwide and help others with their submission collection, management, and review processes. Reviewr will eliminate the need for cumbersome hard copy paperwork, online form builders, spreadsheets, generic cloud storage providers, flooded email inboxes and all of the other headaches that come with pieced together tools and processes in these markets.

We know that you might have a few questions during this exciting time, which is why we have provided below a few FAQ's. As always, if you have any additional questions, please reach out to the familiar team that you are used to working with at support@reviewr.com.


What happens to my current event and users? How do I access Reviewr?

Besides the new colors, name, and logo, nothing changes. All your current links are active and you can continue to access the site by going to app2.pitchburner.com OR app.reviewr.com. Your event will continue to run as normal and, in fact, your users probably will not notice any differences until they hit the login page and see the new branding. But don’t worry, we will have announcements posted letting people know they are in the right place. The user interface and layout of features that your users are currently comfortable with will stay the same, and there is no need to re-train anyone.

When will this change take place?

It already happened!. But don’t worry, we will make it obvious to all users that they are in the right place and to keep an eye out for exciting new features.

What will happen to PitchBurner?

Besides a new logo, new name, and a suite of new features: Nothing. We will continue to be the industry leader in innovation focused competitions and challenges. We will continue to work with colleges/universities, accelerators, economic development agencies, and any other organization focused on serving entrepreneurs.

Why did you decide to change your name?

While we love our clients in the entrepreneurship space, we also love solving big challenges. When we started to receive phone calls from groups seeking to more efficiently manage an award, grant, call for papers, etc., we knew there was an opportunity for PitchBurner to evolve into Reviewr and provide greater impact to a larger audience. We are the same company you have grown to love, we're just serving a wider audience.

What about maintenance and upgrades?

This is where things get exciting for you. Believe it or not, the features needed to run an international business model canvas competition and a corporate request for proposals are identical. You want to collect submissions, manage them, and review them the most efficient and engaging way as possible. Over the next few months, we will begin to drip out many new features that have been requested by you and your peers such as payment processing and download free document viewing.

Do I need to do anything to update to Reviewr?

Nope, nothing at all. We will update the current platform to reflect the Reviewr branding and begin rolling out new features as we always have. How will this influence my existing contract? It won’t. All existing contracts will stay the same and you will receive the same services and technology that you love. However, many of our current clients will find numerous new projects that the Reviewr platform can manage and will likely want to expand their license for increased benefits.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

If you have any additional questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask. We are extremely excited in what the future holds for Reviewr and you should be equally excited too. Please reach out to support@reviewr.com or support@pitchburner.com and we will be more than happy to tell you about your opportunities with Reviewr.