Why association management software should NOT be used for award management
|Kyle Fredrickson|June 28, 2017

It’s awards time, and you have to figure out how to manage the application and review process from beginning to end. You think, “No problem! Our association management software (AMS) can handle it.” So you get started, and you suddenly realize you’ve created quite a mess.

Don’t worry. Hundreds of organizations have come to the same conclusion: You should NOT use association management software to manage your award program (or, for that matter, your grants, scholarship and competition programs).

5 Best Practices for Running an Online Award Program
Company News|Kyle Fredrickson|October 8, 2016

Here at Reviewr, we have had the wonderful privilege to work with organizations of all types, sizes, and goals. In this journey, we have seen literally every imaginable type of award program -both the good and bad. We think of all our clients as partners, and it’s on us to share the best practices we’ve gathered in our years of powering the world’s most successful award programs.

6 Side Effects of NOT using Online Application Management Software

So, you are a very resourceful person—and a hard worker. Maybe you have six or seven people on your team who are also very resourceful. They may not ALL be hard workers, but as a team you do pretty darn well at this resourcefulness and hard work thing.

Maybe you know you can bring all the pieces of your application process together for a song by doing it manually, because you’ve been doing it already—or something like it. We believe you! But there are a few hidden side effects of managing a process manually and doing it for less. Shall we Reviewr?

How to Create a Better Online Review/Evaluation Process

There’s no doubt, allocating time and resources to the analysis and fine tuning of your online application management process (or your manual process) can improve responses, minimize handling time and improve the quality of submissions—as well as building a positive reputation for your organization.

Second only to the application management process in value to you and your organization is the online review management process (or manual process). Whether you are running a contest or a qualification program, it’s to your advantage to spend some quality time improving the experience of your reviewers.

How to Create a Better Online Application Process

When you are in charge of the application management system in your organization, you’ve got a number of challenges facing you, not the least of which is the fact that you don’t seem to get the number of applications you believe you should (or someone else believes you should). What could be keeping people from applying? Is it something you said?

Reviewr Feature Release: Box.com Integration
Company News|Kyle Fredrickson|January 8, 2016

We are proud to announce the release of our first feature rollout under the new Reviewr branding. This rollout brings important performance enhancements to the software's “code” for increased speed and minor bug fixes. Most importantly, the rollout brings a highly requested feature which will allow uploaded documents to be viewed directly within the platform, without the need to download.

How to run an online award program
Reviewr|Kyle Fredrickson|November 25, 2015

Running an award program is a ton of work - we see it every day. Between marketing efforts, managing nominations, and planning the award ceremony, program managers and marketers are left with a never ending to-do list. So, how do program managers and marketers tasked with running an award program start?

PitchBurner is now Reviewr!
Company News|Kyle Fredrickson|October 1, 2015

Pitchburner is excited to announce the launch of Reviewr! Reviewr, is a web-based application for collecting, managing, and reviewing online submissions.

We have been working globally to help our clients bridge the gap between entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in competitions and the industry experts who want to give them feedback. Today, PitchBurner has grown to be the industry leader in entrepreneurship competitions and are thankful for our clients that have helped us get where we are.

Because of our success, we were approached by organizations of all types looking to use PitchBurner to manage their online submission collection and review processes for things like contest, awards, grants, and call for entries. It didn’t take us long to realize how big of an opportunity we have to solve the challenges for a much wider audience.

Health Care Connect
Reviewr|Kyle Fredrickson|June 9, 2015

Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation can often be a difficult task. While there are plenty of proven models, the ones that identify what will impact their local economies and aspiring entrepreneurs the most prove to be the most successful. Who are we to promote "innovation" without being "innovative" ourselves? PitchBurner was fortunate enough to witness first hand a true innovative effort between a local chamber of commerce and the cities brightest entrepreneurs.

The Power of Entrepreneurship Competitions
Reviewr|Kyle Fredrickson|September 11, 2013

With the semester underway for many of our educational partners, it makes sense to explore the benefits of bringing entrepreneurship competitions into the classroom.  Entrepreneurs that participate are developing a valuable set of skills that will prepare them for starting their own company or being a valuable member of an established one.