Full Admin Training Guide

An in-depth overview of the Reviewr platform and training material for program admins. In this video we cover everything from accessing your dashboard to generating reports and everything in between. Grab a cup of coffee, kick back, and lets dive in!

Topic Specific Video Resources

Managing Groups & Divisions

Groups and Divisions are an incredibly powerful tool within Reviewr that allows you to create “buckets” that can be filled up with both submissions and review committees. Learn how to create groups, add users to them, modify dates, as well as map answers from the form to auto group submissions to an appropriate group.

Editing the Submission Form

Want to make content changes to the submission form that applicants will submit? In this video we dive into the Reviewr form builder and how to make these updates. Admins have control over the content within the forms, choices, and much more. Have additional edits that may be a bit more robust? No worries, contact the Reviewr for help!

Accessing Submissions

In this tutorial we dive into the “Manage Submissions” interface which includes searching and sorting for submissions, using the different filters such as targeting those that are “incomplete”, doing name and submission name searches, and much more. We also explore selecting submissions and using the bulk action dropdown menu.

Editing the Microsite

The microsite is both your public presence to the program as well as the entry point to begin creating a profile and submission. The microsite may contain a program description, rules, sponsor logos, downloadable documents, and the links to create a profile and begin creating a submission.

Updating Submission Dates & Deadlines

Making a last minute extension or just want to confirm your dates? You’ve come to the right place. In this video we explore how to access your submission dates and deadlines, the types of dates in Reviewr, as well as how to make changes and save.

Adding admins as users

Has your team expanded? New admins? In this video we look at how to add new users to your program, specifically with administrator privilege. These users once added will have full admin rights to view data, make changes, etc. These should be only those in your most trusted circle.

Making Submissions Available to Reviewers

Have you ever assigned submissions to a review team but they never actually appeared? You’ve come to the right place. In this video we discuss the steps needed to make submissions available for your review committee to access and begin their evaluation.

Accessing Results and Evaluations

Your review committee has been hard at work reviewing and evaluating entries. Now what? In this guide we dive into accessing the submitted evaluations, running reports, and evaluating the results. We look at both using the Reviewr interface as well as the reporting tool.

Editing Email Templates

Within Reviewr there are emails that may get sent upon an action triggering – for example, once a submission has been fully submitted the applicant receives confirmation. In this video we explore where to access these templates and update them.

Adding Reviewers

Adding your review team has never been easier. Within Reviewr you can either add them individually or bulk import them. In this video we explore both options, as well as how to grant them credentials, assign them to groups, and more!

Emailing Applicants

Looking to send a reminder email to submissions who are currently in progress? What about notify applicants of their advancement to another phase? In this tutorial we navigate ways to filter for submissions, select them, and compose an email.

Assign Submissions to Reviewers

Everyones favorite feature! In this video we look at the many ways to pair submissions with a reviewer. We explore assigning groups of submissions to a committee, randomization, and direct manual control over who gets assigned to whom.

Viewing Submission Content

In this tutorial we dive into both searching and filter for submissions, as well as opening an applicants profile and viewing their supporting material. This includes everything from their submission form to file uploads to results.

Submission Status

Ever wondered what all those submission status on your dashboard mean and when to use them? This is your guide! We dive into the ready, incomplete, accepted, incomplete, and denied status.

Tracking Judge Activity and EmailingThem

Do your review teams tend to procrastinate? In this guide we look at how to track progress as well as bulk send email reminders and communication to the committee or specific reviewers themselves.

Accepted & Denied Emails

Looking to incorporate some automatic notifications for advancement? In this tutorial we look at how to enable the action that triggers an email notification when a submission moves to either accepted or denied, as well as how to edit the copy of this email.

Changing Evaluation Dates

Need to offer an extension to your review committee to get their evaluations submitted? In this video we look at not only giving them extensions, but also controlling when the evaluations are made available and active.

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